Our Team

JHC Team.

We are retail store and tenant finish specialists.  Founded in 1983 by James Edward Hunt, our family-owned business has grown to a nationwide scale, yet we continue to provide superior quality support and craftsmanship to our clients.

StaffWith our three divisions headquartered centrally in Cincinnati, OH and experienced, quality ¬†driven on-site superintendents we are in a unique position to provide our clients with the same ‘family values’ that started our company over 35 years ago.


Photo of Veronica Davis
Veronica Davis Company President
Photo of Chris Davis
Chris Davis Vice President
Work Phone: (513)298-2550
Photo of Lexi Davis
Lexi Davis Bookkeeping since 2016 email: ldavis@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2554
Photo of Sue Hartmann
Sue Hartmann Office Manager since 2000 email: shartmann@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2553
Photo of Matt Barry
Matt Barry Construction Manager since 2000 email: mbarry@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2552
Photo of Vicki Mentrup
Vicki Mentrup Bid Room Manager since 2005 email: bid@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2559
Photo of Lloyd Woods
Lloyd Woods Sr. Project Manager since 1992 email: lwoods@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2561
Photo of Rich Hinton
Rich Hinton Sr. Project Manager since 2005 email: rhinton@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2555
Photo of Jasun Smith
Jasun Smith Project Manager since 2002 email: jsmith@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2569
Photo of Jonathan Fox
Jonathan Fox Project Manager since 2007 email: jfox@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2556
Photo of Jared Grubbs
Jared Grubbs Project Manager since 2009 email: jgrubbs@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2560
Photo of Danny Rusconi
Danny Rusconi Asst. Project Manager since 2011 email: drusconi@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: (513)298-2557
Photo of Carrie Mees
Carrie Mees Bid Room since 2011 email: jhcbidroom@jameshuntconstruction.com
No Photo Available
Ben Kisker Assistant PM since 2016 email: bkisker@jameshuntconstruction.com
Work Phone: 513-298-2570
Photo of Tom Burbage
Tom Burbage General Foreman email: tburbage@jameshuntconstruction.com
Cell Phone: 513-383-3579